Following a rapid increase in the Caboolture population in the mid 1980’s it became apparent that the community needed a central meeting place where residents could access information, develop social contacts and participate in group activities. In 1987 an application was made by Combined Emergency Care Organisation (now Caboolture Community Care) to the then Department of Families for funding to establish a Neighbourhood Centre in Caboolture. 

The original funding provided the premises at Edward Street, an establishment grant of $1000 as well as a small annual operation grant. Some of the early services and groups included a women’s group, a morning tea for new arrivals, a multicultural group, Alcoholics Anonymous, U3A, Commonwealth Rehabilitation Service, Family Haven and youth groups. The Centre was fully staffed by volunteers until it was incorporated in June 1992 and a position for a full time Community Development Worker was funded. 

In 2007 the Centre accepted an invitation by the Department of Communities to link with Caboolture Community Care, Family Haven and Home Life to form the Multi-tenants Service Centre Co-op Ltd. The services function independently but share the facilities located at the George Street Community Place, Caboolture.

The nature of the services and programs offered at the Centre has changed over the years to reflect variations in the community’s need. The ability to attract additional funding has enabled the Centre’s staff to place a strong emphasis on providing direct support for community members who are facing physical, emotional and/or financial hardship. 

Various groups currently access the Centre’s facilities to provide community members with a diverse range of services independent of those offered by the Caboolture Neighbourhood Centre.

We are guided by our values – Compassion, Integrity, Respect and Perseverance.

By learning from others and sharing what works well for us, we are able to deliver positive outcomes for individuals, families and communities. We work to stop problems before they start, provide support to prevent situations from getting worse and form partnerships to find long-term solutions to community issues.